Sports Physiology

Learn key physiological concepts and how training alters the body's structure for optimal performance.

Sports Biomechanics

Develop the knowledge base for your coaching eye so you can effectively analyse the athlete's performance.

Skill acquisition

Understand the stages of learning and the appropriate teaching pedagogy.

Performance assessment

Back your coaching with state-of-the-art performance assessment science and testing.


My name is Christine Brooks

     Welcome to my online sports sciences courses. Over 8000 coaches worldwide are already applying what they have learned from these courses. 

     I enjoy bringing sports science to coaches in an understandable way. I have received a Smithsonian Award for innovative use of technology for teaching science and I'm very proud of this award.

     I currently run the Level 2 sports science coaching education program for USA Track and Field and teach High Performance Coaching at the University of Florida. In 2012 I received the USATF Coaching Education sports science award.

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Physiological Development through the athlete's lifespan

Energy Systems & Motor Performance Abilities

Fundamentals of Training Science

Acute Fatigue due to Training and Competition

Chronic Fatigue due to Overtraining

Sport Specific

Strength and Power


Science of

Skill Acquisition

Science of Plyometric Training; Science of sprinting

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