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Coaches and athletes from all sports will find a wide scope of unique cutting edge knowledge applicable to athletes of all ages. You will learn the role genetics versus training plays in the athlete's performance, the dangers of overtraining, the theory of fatigue and recovery, how the body's energy systems work and why diet is important to optimum athletic performance


Some topics are based on physiology and anatomy, others on training theory, and some tutorials provide practical information specific to improving performance.


The anatomy tutorials are a particularly rich source of information that will help you understand the human body in considerable depth. This is anatomy like you have never seen anatomy!




The tutorials on this site are better than a classroom because the information is presented with a multi-media approach. You go through the modules at your own pace. The information is clear, using animations where necessary to explain complex sport science topics.




                                                    DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND! LEARN SPORT SCIENCE THE EASY WAY!